Alec Baldwin and the City


Panicked, I pounded the pavement in an attempt to make it to the Ultra Low budget film audition I found on Backstage this morning on time. I took a deep breath and slowed down. I realized I have 6 minutes to walk a 2 minute block and If I came in flustered, it would show in my performance- and I wasn't here for that-not today. I'd make it on time and I'd own the room, calmly.

Obvious note to new performers: leave early to arrive on time. This morning MTA did was it does, and there were no working W trains traveling into Manhattan. I ended up having to take the N to union square and walked the 6 blocks and one avenue to make it on time.

As I gathered myself together, came to a steady pace, looked up, and there was Alec Baldwin- pushing a stroller. Completely noticeable, no inconspicuous apparel, just a dad being a dad. Not wanting to bother, I smiled. He smiled back bigger and we both walked in our separate directions. I didn't bother wasting time gawking. I still had an audition to get to, and we all know who he is, I'm trying to get on that level! But that exchange did leave me with a tiny moment of gratitude - the moment  was probably bigger but, again, the audition. "Wow," I thought.  I've been able to finagle my way into the City that I've always dreamed that I would live,  while pursuing the dreams I've always had, and as of late I've been very busy working, creating and growing. Ya girl can not complain. I'm blessed. Like foreal, foreal.

I doubt I would have gotten that revelation had I not looked up. What revelation are you missing by not looking up? Don't forget you're where you once prayed to be,  remember your gratitude. 

After a little confusion with casting, I made it to the audition on time and owned the room. They liked me, so we'll see. I'm grateful that I'm in a place where I can own who I am all the more, in an audition space and in life. 

I'm also grateful for Alec Baldwin. ;)


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